Skin Traction Kit with Adhesive Plaster

The Medelast Skin traction is used when the soft tissues, such as the muscles and tendons, need to be repaired. The skin traction kit is usually used as a temporary way to stabilize a broken bone until the definitive surgery is performed.

*High performance elastic bandage for extra security
*High conformability for easy application
*Good skin friction

  • The new extensions plaster now features as pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive to give maximum adhesion with the minimum of allergy-related complications. The adhesive is also specially formulated to allow easy removal and therefore causes less patient trauma.
  • The elastic bandage will reinforce the retention of the kit to the limb, minimising the need for re- adjustment and ensuring that traction is transmitted more effectively.
  • The extension plaster's unqiue design affords excellent conformity to the contours of the limb. In addition, the release material can be removed easily without causing distortion of the plaster.
  • Weights of 7-10 kilos may be safely used. The open cell foam structure also ensures sufficient ventilation of the skin.


Bandage, foam, rope and tape


Infant / child / adult


White / skin


Latex / latex-free


1000 pcs


1 pc/box

-OEM is available