Medifast Tubular Bandage

The Medelast medifast tubular bandage  is knitted with high quality materials. It provides ideal support and treatment of soft tissue injury, joint effusion, oedema and arthritic joints. It also can be used comfortable as dressing retention. 

Types: Two way stretch tubular bandage or one way stretch tubular bandage

Composition: Polyester and Spandex 

Packing: each roll in a dispense box, then in export carton





(unstretched width)




Line Color





Dimension (cm)

 3.5cm x 10m

 Small Limbs




 33 x 24 x 24.5

 5.0cm x 10m

 Medium Limbs




 48 x 24 x 24.5 

 7.5cm x 10m

 Large Limbs




 47 x 24 x 24.5 

 11.0cm x 10m

 Head & Small Trunk




 47 x 28 x 24.5

 18.5cm x 10m

 Large  trunks




 47 x 23 x 24.5