Elasticated Tubular Bandage

- Provides effective tissue support - Highly absorbent and well tolerated - Easy to apply - No pins or tape - Washable

The Medelast® elasticated tubular bandage is knitted with high quality cotton yarn reinforced with rubber threads. It provides ideal support and treatment of soft tissue injury, joint effusion, oedema and arthritic joints. It also can be used comfortable as a pre-wrap under a cast.

Composition: Cotton and Rubber threads as per BP quality

Colors: Natural color

Packing: each roll in one dispense box, then in export carton


 A  4.50cm x 10m  G  12.0cm x 10m
 B  6.25cm x 10m  J  17.5cm x 10m
 C  6.75cm x 10m  K  21.5cm x 10m
 D  7.50cm x 10m  L  32.5cm x 10m
 E  8.75cm x 10m  M  37.5cm x 10m
 F  10.0cm x 10m